Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hangin' at the "New"!

View of the bridge crossing the New River Gorge

New River Gorge is one of those places that every kid who traveled by car from Pittburgh to Hilton Head, SC has driven by and wondered just how far down is that river? The New River is also home to some amazing white water. Well, on this last trip back down south from Pittsburgh, Jason was awake when we passed by and I suggested to Alex that it might be fun to stop at the overlook and let Jason run around a bit. I think it saved our butts because he ran around like crazy and seemed to have a blast. He successfully navigated the 250 feet down to the overlook and back all on his own!!! Thank goodness because I wasn't looking forward to carrying him back up 400+ steps!

Note the mention at the bottom that the way back up is strenuous

It didn't really phase Jason that much as you can tell from the shots below:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back from Pittsburgh!

We were in the city of bridges last weekend for PaPa's birthday! We had a blast and Jason really enjoyed visiting with his cousins. Here is a great shot of the proud Grandpa with the whole brood! (Jason, Virginia and Charlie)

As if a part wasn't enough fun, we also had fun at the zoo! Pittsburgh Zoo has a new Polar Bear exhibit, which interested Jason the least of course, that's just a toddler for you! Of course he did spend the entire zoo visit saying good bye to each animal we saw with "Good bye ___ (ex: alligator)! I am going to visit the Polar Bear!" I've got some great video footage of it and will attempt to get it up soon! For now, here's a photo of the boy with his daddy.

That's a big bear, daddy!

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