Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jason will be a big brother

The announcement is long overdue, and most folks know already, however, I have to make it blog official, Jason will be a big brother sometime around August 25th! I'm 18 weeks along today and feeling fairly good.

Jason's reaction when we told him the news? At first he seemed as if he didn't quite understand what we were talking about, but within a few days he pointed out a grouping of two pairs, he pointed to the first pair and said, this is mommy and daddy, then he pointed to the second pair and said, this is Jason and my little brother or sister.

When asked if he was excited about being a big brother he said "yeah" and then went on to say that he would share his toys but not his food! Another gem was when I asked his opinion on what we should name a little brother, he said "Curious!"

Will post some pics soon!

Cast #2!

No, it isn't another broken bone, thank goodness! Jason cracked the palm of his first cast, so today they cut the first one off and put on a new one! Jason chose the color "Lime Green" for Cast #2 and seems pretty excited about it!

We also heard today, he'll be in the cast for at least another 3 weeks, but so far the break is healing quite well. Alex took Jason to the dr. today (i had a dr. appt at the same time) so he was able to see the x-rays being taken. According to Alex the bones are already much straighter than the original x-rays he saw two weeks ago.

Here is a photo of the new cast:

additional photos here.