Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tornadoes Anyone?!?

After 8 years in Atlanta, I should be used to this season, but I promise you it surprises me every year! Yesterday we had some amazing hail storms and the tornadoes rolled through about a mile north of our house. Suffice to say, Jason, Olivia and I were down in the basement for a good part of the early afternoon. Luckily, the wireless internet reaches in the basement, so I was able to follow the storms on my computer, since we don't have a DirecTV in the basement. Just when I thought it was safe and brought everyone upstairs, a third cell came through, this was the closest to the house and the hail came pouring out of the sky, the TV showed the red part (i.e. tornado cells) right over our town so I gathered everyone back downstairs. It was over in minuets and afterward the sun came out shining brightly! It was a little surreal directly after the dark, dark clouds. We had some amazingly large hail fall on the house.

Jason holding one of the larger pieces

two smaller pieces
I've heard about golf ball sized hail before, but I'd never seen any before.

Luckily, no one we know was injured in the storms, nor houses damaged. Everyone had their basement stories of the day though. Also, Alex was at work, when the last of the storms of the day, roared right over their heads, a warehouse full of bikes and bike parts? not where I want to be in a tornado, but luckily, the storm passes by with just a lot of hail, wind and noise. Whew!
Here is a link to all the photos I took of the hail.