Friday, November 09, 2007

Halloween 2007

Jason was Hines Ward, and I think totally adorable! He did a great job with his "trick or treats" and "thank yous!" We called it a night early though, because he was anxious to get to Nana and Papa's house. He spent a weekend with Nana and Papa, while mommy and daddy went to Florida to cheer on friends racing Ironman Florida. If your interested those photos on posted on Big thanks to my mom and dad for taking great care of Jason over the weekend. He has declared that he only goes to Moe's with Nana and Papa! But now he know's Moe!

Halloween 2007 Photo Album

Fishing with Papa Photo Album

Back on the soapbox

Well not so much a soapbox as an opinion?? USAToday published an article (link to article) about a study that showed that exercise increased a child's ability to organize and complete their schoolwork. Now, when a study proves something I don't like, I always say, they can rig those things to say anything they want... but this one proves something I do like... so I'm telling everyone I know!

Keep phys-ed and recess in our schools!!!

On a side note, I interviewed a girl applying to my alma mater and in the discussion I found out that there are 80 girls on her X-country team! I expressed my suprise and she said, "It's a no cut sport" and I said "The fact that you have 80 girls that want to run warms my heart." Well, they are running at states this weekend and I say "go westminster girls x-country team!!!!"

First Horseback Ride

Around the end of September, we had a nice long visit with Nana and Papa in South Carolina! Jason had a week of many firsts! First Horseback ride, first time fishing, first time catching minnows, first alligator hunt, etc.! It was like summer camp for Toddlers!! He had a blast, as the pictures will attest! thanks for the great trip mom and dad!

Link to Brays Sept 2007 Photo Album

Visiting CT!

In early September we traveled up to CT to see my friend Jamie's wedding!! It was amazing and we are so happy for her!! Jason was excited to spend time with his Ama and Aya!! He did very well on the plan trip and even made a friend when we had a layover in Newark airport!

Jason also had is first Tea with the extended family! Photos here.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jason says Hi!

We know it has been awhile, we have news and we will try to update later! For now we are all good and hope you are too!