Friday, September 05, 2008

Smooth Operator

Now this isn't supposed to happen anymore, since I have my new small camera, but alas I have no pictures of my smooth operator in action. I will attempt to paint a picture with words.

Jason and I were at the playground in the neighborhood today, he was playing on the playset, trying to talk me into letting him do the monkey bars himself, when a little girl from down the street drove by in her "jeep" (one of those little battery powered cars, for kids). He said to me, "mommy, do you think she would give me a ride in her jeep?"
Me: You will have to ask her.
(Jason walks over to the little girl who is now swinging on the swings)
Jason (to little girl): Hi! Will you give me a ride in your jeep?
Little Girl: Ok
(little girl attempts to slow herself down to jump off swing. Jason gets impatient)
Jason: Now?
Little Girl: Ok
Jason and little girl walk over to jeep, he gets in the driver's seat and they drive away.

Not kidding you, he talked the girl out of her cool wheels by saying "hi!". Of course, I was talking to her mom while this transpired and checked if she was okay with it, but I don't think it would have mattered to the kids.

A little bit later, the girl walks back to her house and drives back on a battery powered Harley Davidson. She then shows Jason how to ride the bike, and hops back in to her Jeep and they follow each other around for about 10 min.

Aww, if only all relationships were so easy!