Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am "Specialized"

Well folks, it is that time of year again! The time of year when the TiVo starts to melt from all of the hours of recording... yep! It's the Tour de France!

For those of you who don't know this, Jason was born with an affinity for Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwen (the TV commentators for American cycling). When he was a baby I could soothe him by putting on recordings of Tour de France stages, he liked the flat stages the best. I've always thought it was that he finds the voices of Phil and Paul very soothing.

Well, we are halfway through Tour de France 2007 and we have been watching every day! Jason has soaked in quite a bit of cycling jargon and bike advertising. He asked me today if I "could do this Ironman" (referring to the tour as an Ironman and wondering why I wasn't riding. Kids are great for thinking that their parents can do anything!!). He likes to watch the "awards" at the end of the stage when the winners get gifts and kisses from the "podium girls".

This year, there is a cute commercial from the bike manufacturer Specialized starring World Champion Paolo Bettini cycling through Italy. As many of you know, Jason loves to dance and this commercial has some great music halfway through. I caught Jason's dance on video today and to see him in action play it below.

Special thanks go out to Alex for the early birthday present of a new Mac!!! The video editing software that came with the computer was so easy to use and made this little video possible!!!! I'm the luckiest mom on earth!!

Here is a link to the original ad on the Specialized website

Monday, July 16, 2007

Today's funny stuff

Jason came out with some dandy one's today! We solved a mystery that been bugging Alex and me for a couple of months... Jason has been saying "Each out da bawndooo bawndoo" and we couldn't figure out what Jason was saying. Well, we watched "JoJo's Circus" today for the first time in a few months and I realized he was singing the theme song which says "Reach out the sunlight surrounds you!" Whew! Mystery solved!

Jason also started something new today, waking up from nap by yelling "MOMMY!!! Can you come upstairs??!!!!" This was the first thing I heard today, no rolling around, or talking to himself (the usual signals that he is waking up), just out of the blue "MOMMY!!!" Too funny!

Well, we are off to play with the Rocket Launcher!

... some later additions after dinner, Jason had his lemon cookie for the night. He ate the cookie and then asked me where the lemon cookie went. It transpired as follows:

Me: I don't know, where did the lemon cookie go when you ate it?
Jason: I ate the one lemon cookie and it's in my TUMMY!!

too cute!

Then he said something that amazed me:

Jason: I want to see a picture of fireball

This immediately made me wonder if he was talking about our family cat from when I was little, his name was Fireball.

Me: Where did you see Fireball
Jason: I saw pictures of Fireball at Nana's house

Are you kidding me?!?!?! Nothing gets past Jason, even when you think he isn't paying attention, he's taking it all in... to have that skill! Hope it's something he can hang on to as he gets older!!