Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Haircut

As some may have noticed is the latest pics of Jason, the hair was getting unruly again! Yesterday was the big hair cut day and here are the results:

Now that is a haircut that will make Papa proud!
As you can see from the pre-hairproduct shot below, a little product goes a long way for our little man:

Full Sideshow Here

Braves day at school - Anti-Braves day at home!

As part of the summer program, Jason's school is having fun Theme Days. Last Friday was "wear your Braves shirt to school" Now, we've been in this fair city for going on 8 years now, but I will never, NEVER be a Braves fan. I can trace this hatred back all the way to the initial days of the "tomahawk chop", arguably the worst fan invention. So when the day came, we sent Jason to school in his SOX shirt!!! Thanks for the shirt Uncle Tom, and thanks to Alex for being from New England, so it is socially acceptable to adopt the Red Sox as my baseball team. (And Mom, don't be sad it isn't a Pirates shirt, we sport the black and gold for every other sport!)