Sunday, May 10, 2009

9 months and shouting!

AJ is officially 9 months old! His 9 month dr. appointment was
interesting as he isn't very big. He weighed in at a not so whopping
16 lbs. 9 oz. With a towering height of 26.5 inches. This puts him
solidly in the 3rd percentile for weight and 5th for height. As dr.
Jennie said; he's proportional. Dr's. orders are to start him on high
fat foods, baby yogurt, avocado, eggs made with butter and offer them
every 1-2 hours. Plus still nurse him every 3 hours. The funny
thing... Yesterday was out first attempt at the new regimine and AJ
didn't have a problem eating that much!! Hopefully we will see some
growth soon! We go back to the dr in three weeks to check height and
weight and if there isn't any improvement then we will have some tests
run. The interesting thing to me is that AJ is now in the same
percentiles as he was at birth, the other 9 month milestone in his
life :)

Other than height and weight he is right on track! He is into playing with blocks and balls and loves things that squeak and play music. He will sit on his own and look at books and watch Jason play with trains for several minutes at a time, which helps me have time to make meals and get things organized without carrying him with me all the time! AJ is super sweet and seems to only cry when he is hungry. He also loves to grab his brother :)

Soccer - check!

Jason finished his first season of soccer! He is still a little unsure
about getting shoved by the other kids on the field during scrimmage
but seems to be liking it a little more each week!