Friday, June 06, 2008

Jason's Lastest iMix

Jason and I have been a little bummed these last few weeks... my SIRIUS radio isn't working :-( There is something wrong with the tape player in my car, which is what connects the SIRIUS in the car stereo... I just need to find the FM thingy... but that is proving difficult!

So long story short, in search of new music for Jason, I went to the depths of my iTunes library to pull out some things from the college years. We also have some new music from before the SIRIUS went kaflowey...

What Jason is listening to these days:
"Ain't No Sunshine" - David Sanborne with Sting (when he first heard this one, he said, "mommy, this is Sting, the 'Roxanne' guy" - Jason likes the sax solo)
"Something Good This Way Comes" - Jakob Dylan
"The Galway Girl" - originally written by Steve Earle, but we listen to a more Irish version
"Fast Car" - Tracy Chapman (Jason likes the "be someone, be someone, be someone" part)
"Ready My Mind" - theKillers
"Grace is Gone" - Dave Matthews Band

That's all for now! In other news, Jason floated on his back in swim class this week! Here is hoping for a safe summer of swimming!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We all headed down to Brays Island, S.C. for the long weekend. Jason found plenty to do! We were able to pick fresh strawberries, and veggies from the co-op garden on the island, try our hands at some fishing and crabbing and we got some good swim time in!

Photos from the trip here