Saturday, August 04, 2007

Jason at the Grill

Jason took his hand at the grill last night! Actually, this was about an hour after I had grilled hamburgers and was out to clean the grill, so the grill was nice and cool. Anyhow, Jason wanted to try on my apron, so here he is!

A plane interrupted the proceedings...

A plane! A plane!

Flipping burgers

job done!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rockin' the Mistletoe Race

Jason was in attendance at the Tri the Parks race at Mistletoe State Park last weekend. It started to pour down rain just before the race and everyone was huddled under tents... except for Jason, he thought it was great fun to run around in the rain. which we let him do until the thunder and lightening started! Eventually the storm passed and we were able to start the race. Alex and I were volunteering... Alex was announcing (he loved it!) and I was body marking (it was fun talking to everyone before their race!). Jason was with me, so he got into the body marking and even manged a pretty decent "4" on my calf. We wanted to be body marked as well, we numbered him 24 (at Jason's request) and put his age on his calf. Here is his lining up to start the race (race was changed from tri to duathlon due to the thunder in the area).

Jason asks "is my HRM ready?"

Due to the USAT Age-Up rule, Jason is racing as a 3 year old.

After the race Jason helped with the clean up. Here he is carrying and stacking buckets.

Is this dangerous?