Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's getting cold in GA

We went for a windy hike up Stone Mountain yesterday! It's always nice to be in cold weather, but I think we went a little overboard bundling up AJ. Those are his feet sticking out from under Alex's jacket!

From Cold Weather Stn Mtn

Another big event yesterday was Jason's first movie theater experience. They are showing a scaled down, 4D version of "the Polar Express" at Stone Mountain.
From Cold Weather Stn Mtn
Jason was so cute, he was enthralled for the entire movie. There are some tense moments in the movie and afterward we asked Jason if he was scared, he said, "no, I was brave!". When I asked him which part was his favorite he said, "all of the parts!" The 4D just means that it is a 3D movie and then they add special theater effects, such as cold water spraying out at you when the train scrapes across the ice, or snow falling from the ceiling during the snow fall scenes. Pretty cool, I just hope Jason isn't disappointed with the next movie he sees.

As the weather gets colder, Jason is getting excited for his birthday and going up to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving!

AJ had a big day yesterday too, technically he sat through his first movie, or slept as the case may be, and he had his first storytime with Daddy!
From AJ 13 weeks