Monday, February 08, 2010

and the beat goes on...

We had a bit of a crazy week last week... first of all, Monday evening on the way home from Karate, we were rear-ended in traffic. The individual that ran into us was very nice about the whole thing, but once we waited for the police, etc. the boys were pretty much at the end of their ropes.

Later in the week AJ's runny nose started to get worse and was wheezing when he woke up on Thursday morning... We had been through something similar with Jason when he was around the same age, so I thought I knew what to expect... go to dr., get a breathing treatment, get an x-ray, get an inhaler, go home...

AJ seems to like to make things a bit for dramatic for everyone and therefore his story goes more like this... go to doctor, get a breathing treatment, continues to wheeze, get another breathing treatment, wheezing continues and now pulse ox (how much O2 is in your blood) is dropping... dr insists we take an ambulance to the hospital... go to hospital... needs constant O2 to keep blood oxy levels acceptable... gets an hour long breathing treat (equivalent of 3) and a steroid before showing signs of improvement.

In the middle of all of this Alex is meeting with Jason's teachers who are worried about him falling in with a "bad element" at school... he's in Pre-K!! I thought I had a few more years before I had to worry about stuff like this!! But thankfully his school is proactive and we should be able to stave off any big issues... it just kind of made me feeling like I was getting covered under an avalanche of ahhhhhhhhhh!

After the teacher meeting Alex met me at the hospital, where he gave me a much needed potty break... enough time to realize... i haven't had anything to drink or eat all day... AJ was starving too, although he had eaten a good breakfast thank goodness!!

So... we were able to take AJ home around 4pm... a big thank you as usual to everyone at CHOA, the staff there is amazing and we are so lucky to have them here in Atlanta!

Uncle Ray thankfully, picked Jason up from school (Jason couldn't have been happier!!) Thanks Uncle Ray!!

AJ was home, fed and in bed by 6:30, poor little guy was exhausted, but he was back to his smiling energetic self by the next morning!! Whew!