Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monarch caterpillar hosting!

We have parsley we purchased as a host plant from the group monarchs
across Georgia, Jason and I were able to watch one of our caterpillar
friends molt this afternoon!

Playing race track

One of my favorite ways that Jason has found to play with aj! AJ is
the pit crew and examines the cars as they pass by each lap.

Had a great time at jason's pre school picnic today! He starts school
next week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AJ is 1 year old - seriously?!?!

The boy is 1, unbelievable!

When I think of AJ, the overwhelming word in my head is "sweet". He is such a sweet little boy! From the very begining he's been gentle with Olivia and giving her nice pets. Other's might say "chilled out", "calm", "smiley", "cute" and while those words totally apply behind all of it, he's just very very sweet and such a joy!

I haven't taken the time to write this all in a baby book, so I'm documenting here, hopefully I'll get it transposed at some point!

Some things about AJ's first year...

Just the Facts:
a one year AJ is 18# 14 oz (4%), 27.5" high (1%) and his head is 44cm (3%). AJ's only health concern all year has been... why isn't he growing?!?!?!? Well, that and the fact that he used to only have one BM a week to 10 days. AJ is on the small side, but he's proportional, so Dr. thinks it will all work out for him.

Big Milestones:
First tooth at 9 months (he's got 7 of them right now!! - maybe that's why he isn't getting taller, he's too busy pushing teeth through his gums!)
Crawling: army crawl at 10 months, crawling, crawling around 10.5 - 11 months
Smile: really early, he loves to smile!!
First Word: not totally positive on this, but I'm calling it "Mama" at 11.5 months :-D
First solid food: ha ha ha ha - AJ was perfectly happy to nurse, not into solid food until we were able to introduce yogurt at 9 months... AJ LOVES yogurt! Although he started to branch out to other solid food around 10.5 months (started with bananas) yougurt is still the go to food. AJ never ate baby food, not once, spit it out every single time. At one year he is cool with chicken, chicken salad, pasta, bread, yogurt of course, steamed carrots and sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, veggie burgers and cottage cheese. He also likes bananas, but only if he eats them out of the peel, if you peel and cut up he wont eat it.

Things he likes to do:
Crawl up the stairs - he is very proud of himself
Play trains with Jason
push buttons on toys
He loved the exersaucer when he was little, but once he started crawling, forget it.
Loves to take things out of drawers and/or boxes and throw down/to the side
Throwing toys is the latest development
Loves the gathering drum and he sings with Jason and I in the car
Loves his big brothers, he cried when I would drop Jason off at camp and he likes to hold his hand in the car. They like to make noises at each other and start cracking up in the car.
His latest trick is walking behind the little red "bike" while he cruises through the house.

Things he is good about:
AJ is so relaxed, he's totally fine with getting dragged everywhere, from Jason's swim classes to Karate class, grocery store, doctors, dentists, etc. He just chills out in his stroller or car seat and watches the world go by. He loves to watch everything around him.

He is so good about spending time at the child center at the gym while I work out (or as I like to stay, while I do the things I need to do to stay sane).

In June we took a car trip up to CT, 12 hours in the car, total trip was about 24 hours and he never cried, up OR back. When we go out to dinner, he just hangsout in his high chair and again, watches the world. He's been such an easy baby.

In the next few weeks, Jason will be starting school and for the first time he will be at school 5 days a week... I'm not sure what AJ will do without his big brother to play with; or how it will feel for him to be the center of attention!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday AJ!!!!

Celebrating his first birthday; playing trains with Jason!