Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cowboy Jason

A few weeks ago, they had some photographers come to the school for photos. I think Jason was incredibly uncomfortable with the scenario (note sarcasm):

Cowboy Jason

and the horse you rode in on!

Last Day of School!

Thursday was Jason's last day at the Goddard School. We will miss it there! Jason has grown up quite a bit since the first day so many YEARS ago. I can't believe we were there for years! He seems to be handling the switch fairly well. Yesterday we visited his new school (High Meadows) to drop off his final enrollment forms, he said he was excited to attend. It is a school on a farm, so really, what is not to like?!?

The real trick at this point is going to be his first week back at school... just one week before his little brother's due date... will I be in the hospital for our little guys first day??!?!? I know it will all work out, it's just going to be a possibly hectic late August for the Poon's! :-D